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Best known as Jeli (say it like peanut butter).

Where to begin. After graduating college for-none of the above, all of the aforementioned skills including event curation and documentation; were born during my attendance there ironically. But after??? We took more classes and courses which included (but not limited to) VoicOh, - yes, - graduated 2009; CSU Channel Islands...Major in Sociology Minor in Psych ya mind. Nah, for real. had a job for about 5 years after graduating because college. Then fired and have been an entrepreneur ever since.

Where were we...continued education in hair care and then completed the CA State Barber Board challenge in 2013. Also, began and continue to attend vocal lessons such as a series of voice over classes and basic singin'. Important to note that no real singing' is taking place. but I can possibly getcha a note or three. Or Drake it. Also continued with acting lessons and classes, music and video production. - are we still reading this? Boring.

One things for sure...of all the skills- this ain't it.

It's important for entrepreneurs to have a hub where production is possible, in addition to creation.

All The Love!




(typically described by engineers, coaches, clients)

Foundation Voice

  • fluent in English.

  • Ebonics

  • Some Spanish (articulate, literate)

  • Vocal age range: 11 to 30's.


  • Natural

  • Expressive

  • Comedic

  • Authentic

  • Conversational


Depends on the project but...

“normal” (not too fast or too slow)


Ideal Character Types:

best friend/cousin, little brother/sister, teen, story teller/narrator, and natural and fictional characters.

A wide range of vocal experience, classes, and coaching including acting for the stage and screen, screenplay writing, and basic singing lessons (opera based).


Jeli Cutz 2008-Present

  • Ca. State licensed barber 2013

​ ​ Most short to mid length hairstyles that include any barbering services; namely Faded Hairstyles, Comb overs, Gentleman’s or Fem Style Cuts (The People's Cut), Facial Hair Trimming, Razor Detailing, and Specially Designed Hairstyles ​ Natural. ​ House Calls available- Prices Vary ​ YouTubable Credits. Casey Neistat (USA) Crashing The Oscars ​ Casey Neistat (USA) The Helicopter Rope Ladder ​ Benny The Butcher (USA) Legend Music Video



DJ since 2011. Fun Times With Foley. Then came beat production

jP STAxX D03 (Jeli P.), KR38iVE RECs and KR38 THE STUDIO L.L.C is available for Writing, Recording, Mixing, Publishing and Production purposes, credits and investments.


Composer %50



Original publisher %50





-Jeli P.



(& When it's Used.)

  • MPC LIVE ii (Beat Production)

  • Adobe Audition (Vocal Recording, editing, Mixing)

  • ProTools|First (Vocal Recording, editing, Mixing)

  • Reason 10 (Beat|Music Recording & Production, Soundscaping, Mixing, editing)

  • Audacity (Recording[Back Up])

  • Logic Pro X (Vocal Recording, Music Production)


Jeli P.ix jPx Capturing the Moments. View Nikon z6 is my main squeeze. So What. Under Construction