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A quick and boring vocal description: Natural, Expressive, Comedic, and Authentic blah blah blah.


Creative and animated individual, I am. (Yoda voice but, ya know, urban.)


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Jeli P.


In addition to commercial and animated recording- mobile apps, corporate videos, training / e-Learning, company IVR/On-hold messaging, as well as a number of other creative productions are all possible where you (the client) see (or hear) fit.


(typically described by engineers, coaches, clients)

 Foundation Voice

  • fluent in English.

  • Ebonics

  • Some Spanish (articulate, literate)

  • Vocal age range: 11 to 30's.



  • Natural

  • Expressive

  • Comedic

  • Authentic

  • Conversational


Depends on the project but...

“normal” (not too fast or too slow)


Ideal Character Types:

best friend/cousin, little brother/sister, teen, story teller/narrator, and natural and fictional characters.


A wide range of vocal experience, classes, and coaching including acting for the stage and screen, screenplay writing, and basic singing lessons (opera based). 



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