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jPxjPx, Photography, videography, production, score, soundscape
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  • Product Photography

  • Continuous (paparrazzi style) 

  • Street

  • Live Performances (Concerts, Art Shows, Press, Behind the Scenes)

  • Highlight Reels

  • Stop Motion Video/Animation (a LOOK or Filtered, not 3d)

Post Processing 

Creating natural and/or unique looks with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro

-Art Showcase/Event Director


jPx Featured video|clip: 

Promo, Shot and Edit, Music Production & Scored|Soundscape for:

  • Harun Intl. (Product Photography and social flyers, social media handling, recap videos)

  • Cise (Lyricist, RhymeSayer- photo,vid documentary, concert recap, behind the scenes)

  • US Bank (vendor/Corporate headshots)

  • Barberdoll The Slayer (barber/stylist; documentary)

  • ElizabethArtis (candles; product photography, video clips)

  • Outwardly Awkwardly (product photography)

  • Potent (behind the scenes, studio highlight)

  • SkyHigh Club La (behind the scenes photo's on the hottest day on record in LA; early 2020)

  • Utopia Tribe (event photography)


(On Hand)

Nikon z6 (24-70mm, 35mm)

MOZA Air 2 Stabilizer

CineTraveler on Camera Light

Rode on Camera Mic

External Flash

(In Stu)

Studio equip (backdrops, flashes, lighting, stands etc.) available in studio or by request (depending on project). 

Visual Production Requests

Music Video

Personal/Feature Film