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jPxjPx, Photography, videography, production, score, soundscape
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  • Product Photography

  • Continuous (paparrazzi style) 

  • Street

  • Live Performances (Concerts, Art Shows, Press, Behind the Scenes)

  • Highlight Reels

  • Stop Motion Video/Animation (a LOOK or Filtered, not 3d)

Post Processing 

Creating natural and/or unique looks with Lightroom, Photoshop, and Final Cut Pro

-Art Showcase/Event Director


jPx Featured video|clip: 

Promo, Shot and Edit, Music Production & Scored|Soundscape for:

Harun Intl. 

(Product Photography and social flyers, social media handling, recap videos)

  • Cise (Lyricist, RhymeSayer- photo,vid documentary, concert recap, behind the scenes)

  • US Bank (vendor/Corporate headshots)

  • Barberdoll The Slayer (barber/stylist; documentary)

  • ElizabethArtis (candles; product photgraphy)

  • Outwardly Awkwardly (product photography)

  • Potent (behind the scenes, studio highlight)

  • SkyHigh Club La (behind the scenes photo's on the hottest day on record in LA; early 2020)