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Skills by The S.K.Y.

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Best known as Jeli (say it like peanut butter). 

Where to begin. After graduating college for-none of the above, all of the aforementioned skills including event curation and documentation; were born during my attendance there ironically.  But after??? We took more classes and courses which included (but not limited to) VoicOh, - yes, - graduated 2009; CSU Channel Islands...Major in Sociology Minor in Psych ya mind. Nah, for real.  had a job for about 5 years after graduating because college.  Then fired and have been an entrepreneur ever since. 

Where were we...continued education in hair care and then completed the CA State Barber Board challenge in 2013. Also, began and continue to attend vocal lessons such as a series of voice over classes and basic singin'. Important to note that no real singing' is taking place. but I can possibly getcha a note or three. Or Drake it.  Also continued with acting lessons and classes, music and video production.  - are we still reading this? Boring.

One things for sure...of all the skills- this ain't it.

It's important for entrepreneurs to have a hub where production is possible, in addition to creation.

Here we are. 

All The Love!