What's The 411 Hun?


Originated in Leimert Park, Ca., KR38 THE STUDi0 strives to groom insight and creativity in the community by providing entrepreneurs with the tools to showcase, collaborate and create beautiful media productions for their brand.

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Whether you’re getting ready for a night on the town, heading to a special event or just want to make heads turn as you walk by, we provide a range of services to get you looking your best. Check out what we offer below.

Record Your Own Soundz

KR38 THE STUDiO has always had one major goal: to provide creative producers with the opportunity to record, produce, and share their unique and wonderful creations with the masses. We’ve collabed with some incredibly talented recording artists, and are always in search of up-and-coming musicians looking to start or add to their content.

Record that track, Mix that album...

If you're ready to get in the booth, contact us to schedule a recording session.


Creative and Reliable

KR38 THE STUDiO is a skilled Photography Studio that is passionate about capturing incredible imagery. KR38 THE STUDiO began our venture into photography in 2018 and became passionate about the fundamentals that make a great photograph: light, shadows, composition, and emotion. As your chosen Photography Studio, KR38 THE STUDiO will creatively capture your most memorable moments with timeless pre and post production. We offer a personal service for clients who appreciate close, hands-on production assistance.


Shoot that show, or get those pics...

either way, be about that ACTiON!


Que´ Mas

At KR38 THE STUDiO, we believe in creating unique moments that leave a lasting impression. Creating insightful events tailored to different genres of artists and their specific needs and desires. Our innovative events ensures that every creative detail is covered. Peep the L!V3 feed and K.EEP i.N T.OUCH every once in a while to learn how we can showcase your unique talents.

S00N S00N C0ME...

...Nah, more than likely - you have all that you need already and you're looking to add a few stock images, a lil bit of music to make your project a hit. 



people & places

Talk about a journey...

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