In Leimert, KR38 THE STUDi0 strives to groom insight and creativity while providing the community with tools to collaborate and create beautiful media productions.



We all love a lil creativity but lemme guess...

 you just need a haircut?

JPX_0473 2.jpg

A/V Studio


Maybe you’re pullin' up to record the next album, audiobook or cook heats...

Maybe to shoot that show you've been talkin' about. Or get visuals for your art/merch...


The Transcendent Era

...Nah, more than likely - you have all that you need already and you're looking to add a few stock images, a lil bit of music to make your project a hit. 

W R 3 C K R00M (soon soon come)


people & places

We've Made it This Far

Maybe you came to see what's live or who's production is featured this week?

We've produced 5 showcases and shared the KR38iVE space with a few up and coming rappers, vocalists and many multifaceted artists that have been droppin' heat ever since.

We love a good Collab.

W R 3 C K R00M (soon soon come)

Speaking of FAR...

You're here now,

must be a good time to meet